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 fuck you wiki how to
you lure me in with false promises of reliability and handy instructional guides for any situation
and then when i really need help, you are nowhere to be found!
can someone please write an article entitiled:
how to buy a pregnancy test with class and confidence

... or maybe i will have to pick up that slack later today myself...

this made me cry a little

this video.
its so raw.
its so real.
shes so brave i really respect that, this brought the tear to my eye and really made me value how far I have come because I can remember what she is talking about and i guess sometimes you forget how bad shit was.
 its sure is a predicament.

best friend.


and everything in between.

'and she said, "i think we're running out of alcohol
tonight i hate this fucking town
and all my best friends will be the death of me
but they wont even remember, remember..."'
 everyone tells me hes a loser
hes a dickhead
i should dump him

but now he knows more about me than anyone ever has
and i wouldnt want anyone to know what he knows 
but they would need to know to understand that he is really the sweetest thing ever : )

so life is as close to perfect as i could ever logically hope to deserve 

Jul. 17th, 2009

i feel like i've lost a little piece of myself

and i dont know how to get it back . 


fuck up

 i think i'll spend the next five days sitting in my room thinking about everything good i had i fucked up.

i just want to stop being me.

i just want to dissapear for a while.

i just want to get really really fucked up.

yeah i know its my fault but like ever heard of fucking forgiveness you dont have to fucking take everything so fucking persoanlly why teh fuck are you so insecure why the fuck did this have to fucking happen ahh.
 i want to achieve something cool every day these holidays.
today i lost my virginity.
 SAT: Hmm …. SHOPPED ALL FUCKING DAY BUT FINALLY BOUGHT A FORMAL DRESS THEN DROVE MUM AND DAD TO HARBOUR TOWN FOR SHOES – ALL ALIVE = GREAT SUCCESS!!! Only got interesting towards the night time … went to henry sever’s b’day gath with laura … Mel Vickery was there THE STALKER ahahaha “cya next weekend” “What’s on next weekend?” “DVD night at your place” “Oh … :S.” AHAHAHA umm met some hotties :P:P:P LOL SAM PYM “He’s in a gang… he got stabbed under his rib because he was carrying a baseball bat” “Of course he got stabbed, I always see him in rundle malls with the emos and he is wearing golf shorts” AHAHAHA “paying out black guys” That jay guy who could not shut his face up … needed to paint his hair red and work at Macdonalds… Henry Gower and the shit house pizza … Went to Henry’s shed and tore shit up – tried to play pool, but spilt beer on pool table, mmm vodka and straight cordial ahahaha… ORANGE VESTS!! Guns “can I feel your gun… that is one big tool” Mel’s tool belt and there was a spider in it! My L-Plates which progressed to P-Plates AHAHAHAHA… Rolling under the roller door like the intrepid kids we are… getting locked in shed so had to go out side gate, roaming the neighbour hoods with fake guns “Let’s go in there and be like, have you seen my friend Matt!” THE LOCK ON SAM KING’S PANTS AHAHA casually staring in the window… and Jay “I’m not really interested in your mum … but can you just give her my number when she’s open…” JAY: “Yeah, get it like, it’s 9:00 and he calls her and she’s like ‘sorry I’m only open from 9-5’ AHAHAH” US; “that joke realistically needed no explaining…” AHAHAHAH fucking hilarious shit… SHIT.
 everything is different to how i thought it was.
i dont know what to do or what to say...
i dont know what i think
i dont know how i feel...

Jun. 6th, 2009

 come on uterus...

work with me here

do it for the team.



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